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Crafts & Meister Updates Homepage and Releases Social Game

Worthy of a countdown? Of course!


The countdown at the Crafts & Meister official site appears to have been just for a big site refresh. Access the new site here.

There is some big Crafts & Meister news to report, though. Crafts & Meister released Combo Kimaaru for Android via Mobage or Google Play. An iOS version will follow later.

Combo Kimaaru is a quest-based "combo game." Quests involve maintaining a continuous skill chain. Achieve the requisite combo count, and you'll clear the quest. Access the game's official site for details.

Like No More Heroes, released earlier today, Combo Kimaaru is one of the "Super Creators" titles that DeNA announced last year. Here, the super creator is Noritaka Funamizu. Other creators working on games for the program include Yuji Naka and Keiji Inafune.

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