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Nintendo DS

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Nintendo Drops DS Price

2010-06-02 - DS Lite, DSi and DS LL all seeing price drops coinciding with release of new colors.  Read More »

DS Tops 30 Million Sold

2010-03-23 - New Super Mario Bros. and Pokemon inching towards six million units.  Read More »

McDonalds Uses DS To Train Part Time Workers

2010-03-21 - Company expects to cut training time down in half through new DS-based training program.  Read More »

Nintendo Issues Response to DSi BS

2009-10-27 - Take that, Nikkei and your speculative "journalists."  Read More »

Nintendo Plans DS Push

2009-10-27 - Larger screen DSi set for domestic release. Company to take DSi to Korea and China.  Read More »

DSi Sales Top Three Million

2009-08-04 - System crosses 27 million according to Enterbrain numbers.  Read More »

DSi tops one million -- Enterbrain

2008-12-22 - Two months to major sales mark as DS approaches 25 million  Read More »

Nintendo dominates Media Create charts

2008-12-19 - DS and Wii software fill up charts as year end sales rush approaches.  Read More »

Iwata talks up DSi business uses

2008-12-12 - Nintendo president suggests further uses for system as information terminal.  Read More »

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