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Hirokazu Hamamura

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2010 Could Be PSP's Biggest Year -- Famitsu Boss

2010-10-10 - Hamamura says five million is a possibility for Monster Hunter Portable 3rd.  Read More »

Capcom's MT Framework Ready for 3D -- Enterbrain CEO

2010-04-11 - Development versions of Resident Evil 5 and Lost Planet 2 already working in 3D.  Read More »

Famitsu Boss Expects Five Million for Monster Hunter Freedom 3

2010-04-11 - Hamamura shares his thoughts and predictions on PlayStation Move, Monster Hunter and more.  Read More »

Enterbrain President Hoped For More From Monster Hunter 3

2010-01-25 - A million units may have not been enough for Wii's major 2009 third party release.  Read More »

Enterbrain Prez Expects PS3 Surge From Final Fantasy XIII

2009-09-14 - Recent success could be just a preview for things to come later this year.  Read More »

Hideo Kojima meets Ryouzou Tsujimoto at TGS

2008-09-18 - Talk event between Metal Gear and Monster Hunter producers.  Read More »

Hirokazu Hamamura
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