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Final Fantasy XIII

The first entry in the Fabula Nova Crystallis series, and the first HD Final Fantasy game.


Final Fantasy XIII Update

2009-11-25 - Details on Gran Pulse, monster hunting, Cactuar's girlfriend, and one of the pivotal events in the FFXIII story.  Read More »

Check out the Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Retail Poster

2009-11-25 - Plus, when can we expect Final Fantasy XIII's Ultimania guides?  Read More »

Square Enix Counts Down to Final Final Fantasy XIII Trailer

2009-11-20 - New trailer next week! Plus, check out the latest full resolution screenshots!  Read More »

Final Fantasy XIII: The Real Pulse

2009-11-19 - Cocoon's counterpart has some massive beasts, and a mission system!  Read More »

Final Fantasy XIII Pre-orders Outpacing FFXII -- Tsutaya

2009-11-17 - Major retailer makes predictions for FFXIII, New Super Mario Bros., Zelda and more.  Read More »

Final Fantasy XIII Weapon System Revealed

2009-11-13 - Build up your weapons to make Lightning stronger and Snow more fashionable.  Read More »

Final Fantasy XIII's FFXIV Bonus Item Revealed (Somewhat)

2009-11-11 - Plus, two more character classes for next year's big online event.  Read More »

Playable Final Fantasy XIII Hits Tokyo Later This Month

2009-11-11 - One more chance to sample the holiday season's biggest PS3 title ahead of release.  Read More »

Let's Check out Final Fantasy XIII's Fields

2009-11-09 - Well, one of them at least. Square Enix provides an official look at Palumpolum.  Read More »

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