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Inazuma Eleven Strikers


3DS, Wii Topped the Charts in July

2011-08-09 - Rhythm Heaven beats other newcomers for the monthly top spot.  Read More »

Inazuma Eleven Strikers Redated

2011-05-13 - Wii title now arriving in July, complete with a free guide book.  Read More »

Wii Inazuma Eleven Delayed to Summer

2011-03-15 - Level-5 says it's aiming for a more family friendly game.  Read More »

Level-5 Vision 2010 Live Blog

2010-10-19 - The annual Akihiro Hino Spectacular is being held later tonight. Live coverage here.  Read More »

Date Set for Level-5 Vision 2010

2010-10-01 - Publisher planning annual conference for this year, complete with some unannounced surprises.  Read More »

Inazuma Strikers Official Site Opens

2010-09-15 - Two years later, how does the console version of Inazuma eleven look? Find out here!  Read More »

Level-5 CEO Mentions Smash Bros. in Inazuma Eleven Tweet

2010-03-25 - The Nintendo fighter has nothing to do with the Level-5 soccer RPG -- unless you're talking about the upcoming console version.  Read More »

Level-5 CEO Tweets About Console Inazuma Eleven

2010-03-22 - Development still underway. Could an update be coming at next week's Inazuma Eleven 2 championships?  Read More »

Level-5 Vision 2009 Live Blog

2009-08-25 - Akihiro Hino is in Tokyo again. Bring out the paramedics! As it happens coverage from the Professor Layton publisher's press conference.  Read More »

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