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Atsushi Inaba Denies Bayonetta 2 News

2011-08-31 - Beware Tweets from Hideki Kamiya, warns fellow Platinum producer.  Read More »

Platinum's Atsushi Inaba on Sequels

2011-01-27 - Company not against making sequels and spinoffs, says producer.  Read More »

Sega's Earnings Up Despite Tough Overseas Market

2010-05-14 - Mario & Sonic once again the company's top selling title for the year.  Read More »

Microsoft Bundles Bayonetta and Forza with Xbox 360

2010-04-15 - The Value Pack strikes again! Top class racing and action games included at no extra cost.  Read More »

Wii Final Fantasy Gets Big Advertising

2009-11-02 - XIII? Nope! Square Enix pushes Crystal Bearers in central Tokyo.  Read More »

Bayonetta Was Once a Blonde

2009-11-02 - Plus, hear what Platinum's gaming queen sounds like in Japanese, and get a glimpse at her sexy dance.  Read More »

Xbox 360 VS PS3 in First Day Bayonetta Sales

2009-10-30 - Which version comes out on top at retail? Plus, guess which famous yoge managed to sell worse than Sin & Punishment.  Read More »

Bayonetta Update

2009-10-28 - The latest weapons, transformations and support characters that help out gaming's new diva.  Read More »

More Bayonetta Costumes

2009-10-28 - Kimono Bayonetta! Two Piece Bayonetta! Cheer Leader Bayonetta!  Read More »

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