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3DS, Wii Topped the Charts in July

2011-08-09 - Rhythm Heaven beats other newcomers for the monthly top spot.  Read More »

Tactics Ogre Tops the Charts

2010-11-18 - PSP remake sells nearly 200,000 units in first week. Wii sees Mario influenced sales surge.  Read More »

Wii Sports Resort to be Bundled with Wiimote Plus

2010-10-07 - New package for those who want the Wiimote with built in Wii Motion Plus.  Read More »

Nintendo Earnings Down From Last Year

2010-05-06 - Company blames Wii price drop and lack of major releases for falling revenues.  Read More »

Mario & Zelda Top Year End Sales Charts

2010-01-03 - Plus, see if you can predict sales for Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep!  Read More »

Nintendo Dominates 2009 Sales Charts

2009-12-28 - Dragon Quest, Pokemon and Friend Collection come out on top in ASCII yearly sales chart. DS leads the way in both hardware and software.  Read More »

These Were the Top Games of October

2009-11-02 - Pokemon edges out Wii Fit Plus to top the charts for the second month in a row.  Read More »

So what ever happened to that Nintendo Kyoto event?

2009-10-03 - People wait 60 to 120 minutes to play games that are already out.  Read More »

Friend Collection Tops Charts

2009-10-02 - PSP, Wii sales fall following price drop announcements.  Read More »

Game Market Drops 10.5% In First Half of 2009

2009-10-01 - Nintendo dominates in software; DS continues to lead hardware.  Read More »

Nintendo Details Kyoto Event Lineup

2009-09-12 - Not much going down in Nintendo's home town following TGS.  Read More »

These Were the Top Games of August

2009-09-07 - Monster Hunter 3 tops the charts, but the real story for the month is Friend Collection.  Read More »

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