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Shadows of the Damned Includes Issue of Playbox

2011-07-14 - Japan has to wait a bit, but EA is including some sweet bonus goods.  Read More »

Your Guide to Japanese Game Distribution

2011-07-06 - Who's distributing whose games? Find out here!  Read More »

Shadows of the Damned Officially Announced for Japan

2011-05-27 - EA formally announces Japanese release and opens a teaser site with a sweet URL.  Read More »

2011-05-27  -  9 images added, Open image gallery

Suda 51 Wants to Make No More Heroes Sequel

2011-03-31 - Grasshopper's top creators speak about No More Heroes, Shadows of the Damned and more at charity event.  Read More »

Grasshopper Manufacture Hosting Charity Live Event

2011-03-24 - Event to be live streamed and translated on Ustream. Latest Shadows of the Damned trailer to be shown.  Read More »

Shadows of the Damned Screenshots

2011-03-09 - Latest look at Suda 51 x Shinji Mikami x Electronic Arts x Unreal Engine.  Read More »

2011-03-09  -  17 images added, Open image gallery

First Look: Shinji Mikami X Suda 51

2010-09-15 - Shadows of the Damned gets its first trailer. Meet the hero of the big Suda x Mikami x EA tie-up project.  Read More »

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