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Inazuma Eleven 2: Kyoui no Shinryakusha


Inazuma Eleven Compilation Announced For 3DS

2012-08-09 - Level-5 celebrates the Inazuma Eleven fifth anniversary.  Read More »

New Inazuma Eleven Announced

2010-02-15 - Endo and friends challenge the world stage in soccer sequel.  Read More »

These Were the Top Games of December

2010-01-13 - New Super Mario Bros. Wii beats out Final Fantasy XIII for the top spot in the monthly charts.  Read More »

Mario & Zelda Top Year End Sales Charts

2010-01-03 - Plus, see if you can predict sales for Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep!  Read More »

These Were the Top Games of October

2009-11-02 - Pokemon edges out Wii Fit Plus to top the charts for the second month in a row.  Read More »

Wii Fit Plus Sells Better than Expected -- Tsutaya Rep

2009-10-07 - Plus, which element to the Japanese prefer: Blizzard, Fire, Gold, or Silver?  Read More »

Level-5 Vision 2009 Live Blog

2009-08-25 - Akihiro Hino is in Tokyo again. Bring out the paramedics! As it happens coverage from the Professor Layton publisher's press conference.  Read More »

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