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Quantum Theory Screenshots

2010-09-08 - A look at Cid's weapons, including Arc Screamer, Hail Launcher, Echo Arc and Brimstone.  Read More »

Quantum Theory Screenshots

2010-08-30 - Combination attacks and a new "Greenhouse" stage.  Read More »

Quantum Theory Screenshots

2010-08-05 - Screens from the center to upper part of the tower.  Read More »

Tecmo Koei CEO Talks 3DS and Fist Sequels

2010-05-15 - Kenji Matsubara expects core players to respond to new Nintendo system first.  Read More »

Tecmo Koei Delays Major Releases

2010-02-02 - Quantum Theory and Trinity Zill O'll Zero pushed back to TBA.  Read More »

Retailer Lists Tecmo Koei Sales Targets

2010-01-13 - Fist of the North Star, Dead or Alive Paradise and more!  Read More »

Quantum Theory Goes Multiplatform

2009-12-08 - Once PS3-only third person shooter now on the way for PS3 and Xbox 360.  Read More »

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