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Dragon Quest X Online

The first massively multiplayer online entry in the popular Dragon Quest RPG series.


Dragon Quest X: How to Spot a Real Player

2012-07-12 - White, pink and blue names indicate who's real and who's CPU. Plus, a look at some handy facilities around town.  Read More »

Dragon Quest X Pre-Paid Point Card

2012-06-25 - Buy your Dragon Quest X goods with your Dragon Quest X point card.  Read More »

Dragon Quest X Wii Bundle Packaging

2012-06-24 - This could be our last Wii hardware bundle.  Read More »

Dragon Quest X Battle Screenshots

2012-06-21 - What role do warriors, thieves and mages serve in the online DQ?   Read More »

Dragon Quest X Free "Kids Time" Schedule Announced

2012-06-14 - Find out when you can log in and play without monthly service fees.  Read More »

Dragon Quest X Battle Details and Screens

2012-06-14 - Speed and weight play a central role in the online DQ.  Read More »

Dragon Quest X Wii Hardware Bundle Announced

2012-06-12 - A black Wii and a black Classic Controller Pro to go along with the online DQ game.  Read More »

Starting Off With Dragon Quest X

2012-05-31 - Here's how your adventure begins, from copying the game data to USB, to creating your first (and second, and third) character.  Read More »

Square Enix Shares Regional Shipment Targets For This Year

2012-05-14 - Company expects Japanese software shipments to drop despite DQX release.  Read More »

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