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Dragon Quest X Online

The first massively multiplayer online entry in the popular Dragon Quest RPG series.


Jump Shares New Dragon Quest X Details

2011-09-09 - The races and world of the online Dragon Quest game.  Read More »

Dragon Quest X FAQ Confirms Subscription Fee

2011-09-06 - Wii and Wii U sequel to charge additional fees outside of base purchase price.  Read More »

Masahiro Sakurai Defends Online Dragon Quest

2011-09-06 - Smash Bros. designer says treading the same ground over and over would not be good.  Read More »

Online Connection Required to Play All of Dragon Quest X

2011-09-06 - Only first few hours can be played offline, according to Square Enix support page.  Read More »

Dragon Quest X May Have Usage Fees

2011-09-05 - A mysterious column appears in the game's spec sheet.  Read More »

Dragon Quest X Official Site Opens

2011-09-05 - A few additional details on the next numbered DQ game.  Read More »

Dragon Quest X Confirmed For Wii U and Wii

2011-09-05 - Popular RPG franchise returns next year as an online RPG. Development being handled internally at Square Enix.  Read More »

Dragon Quest Press Conference Live Blog

2011-09-05 - Square Enix is announcing new Dragon Quest games today, and you get to watch it live!  Read More »

Dragon Quest X Wii U Reports Clarified

2011-06-23 - Square Enix CEO did not provide any hints about a Wii U DQX, but he did provide hints about possible launch support.  Read More »

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