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Xbox Live Glitch Gives Dream Club Players Surprise 2011 Update in Advance

2010-12-09 - The dream of swappable costumes, realized in advance for those who downloaded the Games on Demand version yesterday.  Read More »

Dream Club: The Pillow

2010-02-12 - When maid outfits, wedding dresses and preschool uniforms aren't enough.  Read More »

Dream Club Girls Show Less Skin in January DLC Update

2009-12-29 - Police Woman, Wedding Dress, and Stewardess more conservative than previous content.  Read More »

This is what the Dream Club Bus Looks Like on the Inside

2009-08-28 - D3 apparently needs to remind the drivers about the game they're promoting.  Read More »

Dream Club Has an Android Hostess

2009-07-07 - And an indies band vocalist. But it's still going to suck.  Read More »

Dream Club Needs a Natal Patch

2009-06-08 - Things you can do with a controller that you really should be doing with a camera.  Read More »

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