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Front Mission Evolved


Pokemon Black & White Causes DS Sales Spike

2010-09-23 - System sales double as new Pokemon game takes over the charts.  Read More »

Toro & Kuro Ride a Front Mission Wanzer Into the Sunset

2010-09-11 - Front Mission Evolved appears on this week's episode of Weekly Toro Station.  Read More »

This Week's Electric Shock Flying Get (update 13:00)

2010-09-07 - New Criminal Girls details. FFXIII possibly coming to Xbox 360. The latest magazine leaks.  Read More »

A New Collaboration Between Hideo Kojima and Square Enix

2010-06-07 - Something's stirring between the Metal Gear director and Square Enix's COT (Chief of Twittering).  Read More »

Front Mission Evolved Arrives in September

2010-05-25 - One game that you won't have to play in Square Enix's Tokyo Game Show booth.  Read More »

Take a Break With Square Enix Twitter Master Shinji Hashimoto

2010-05-14 - Square Enix pushes overseas titles and Front Mission at upcoming private event.  Read More »

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