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Yakuza 4: Heir to the Legend


Yakuza 4 Sees Highest Shipment in Series History

2010-03-18 - Toshihiro Nagoshi shares the good news at launch event where he also poses next to a special Hummer Limousine.  Read More »

Yakuza: The Beauty Clock

2010-03-10 - Those lovely Yakuza 4 hostesses will be appearing on your iPhone through Bijin Tokei.  Read More »

Yakuza 4 Ties With Don Quixoti

2010-03-08 - In-game shop joined this year by original shochu tested by Toshihiro Nagoshi himself.  Read More »

Close Up Look at Yakuza 4's Hostess Component

2010-03-03 - Build up your own hostesses and explore their storylines.  Read More »

Yakuza 4 Demo Hits Next Week

2010-02-25 - Sample story and battle sequences. Oh, and the hostess club part too.  Read More »

Yakuza 4 Has Ramen Too

2010-02-24 - Hey Sega! Ramen and curry are fine and all. But where's the Pocky tie-up?  Read More »

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