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Yakuza 4: Heir to the Legend


Yakuza 4 Cast Grows By Two

2009-09-17 - Sega taps movie and television actors for new characters.  Read More »

Nagoshi Talks Yakuza Sequel

2009-09-16 - Plus, what does the man with the healthy tan think about tailoring games to Western audiences?  Read More »

Sega Teases Yakuza 4 Unveiling

2009-09-14 - We'll get our first real look at the sequel next week.  Read More »

Sappy Submission Wins Yakuza 4 Host Club Contest

2009-09-04 - "Dad, Daughter, and My Secret" to bore people in upcoming PS3 hit.  Read More »

These Are Your Winning Yakuza Girls

2009-08-27 - Sega decides on its final cast. Porn star makes the cut.  Read More »

Yakuza Hostesses To Be Judged Tomorrow

2009-08-26 - Who will have the honor of appearing in a game that will probably never ever ever see release in the English speaking world?  Read More »

Take a Look at the Yakuza 4 Girls in Action

2009-08-07 - One more chance to see the ladies before casting your final vote.  Read More »

Sega Formally Announces Yakuza 4

2009-07-24 - The full name and first character and voice actor information.  Read More »

These Are the Girls of Gotoku

2009-07-20 - Porn stars, singers, college students. A good mix, and you'll get to vote on them!  Read More »

Sega Holds Yakuza Hostess Auditions

2009-06-29 - No, Nagoshi did not make the girls go to his apartment.  Read More »

Sega Seeks Host Club Stories for Yakuza Sequel

2009-06-19 - Real or make believe, you could contribute to the next Ryu ga Gotoku!  Read More »

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