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Now Covering: VanaFest 2010

2010-02-28 - Check back throughout the night for the latest on Final Fantasy XI and Final Fantasy XIV.  Read More »

Square Enix Details VanaFest 2010

2010-01-15 - Final Fantasy XIV talk session to be held at annual fan event.  Read More »

Final Fantasy XIV -- Sexy Hyurs and Menacing Primals

2009-12-24 - Official site updated with proper English terminology and new screenshots.  Read More »

Square Enix Seeks Final Fantasy XIV Beta Testers

2009-12-17 - Final Fantasy XIII buyers get exclusive access to PS3 beta test, to follow PC test.  Read More »

Final Fantasy XIII's FFXIV Bonus Item Revealed (Somewhat)

2009-11-11 - Plus, two more character classes for next year's big online event.  Read More »

Team Final Fantasy XIV Interviewed

2009-06-05 - The Japanese media get some private time with Tanaka and Kawamoto.  Read More »

Final Fantasy XIV Teaser Site Opens

2009-06-03 - FFXI followup due for simultaneous worldwide release some time next year.  Read More »

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