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Wii RPG Forces Collide in Latest Iwata Asks

2011-01-25 - The Last Story director Hironobu Sakaguchi VS Xenoblade director Tetsuya Takahashi in the fight over which RPG won't see international release first.  Read More »

Media Create Software Chart Updated

2010-06-17 - Xenoblade leads the way with 80,000 units first week sales.  Read More »

Xenoblade Tops the Sales Charts

2010-06-17 - Super Mario Galaxy 2 outed from top spot by critically acclaimed Monolith RPG.  Read More »

This is your Xenoblade Soundtrack

2010-06-10 - The soundtrack for Monolith's Wii epic spans a full four discs.  Read More »

All About Xenoblade

2010-06-10 - Wii gets its next big RPG this week. Get up to speed on the world and gameplay for this epic from the makers of Xenosaga and Baten Kaitos.  Read More »

Iwata Asks About Xenoblade's Scenario

2010-06-08 - Nintendo's CEO gets some answers about the upcoming Wii epic from general director Tetsuya Takahashi and scenario writer Yuichiro Takeda.  Read More »

New Characters at the Xenoblade Site

2010-06-03 - Meet Juju, Odama and Gad. Where do they come up with these names?  Read More »

Latest Xenoblade Trailer Hits

2010-06-02 - The most dramatic trailer yet! A digest look at Xenoblade's story.  Read More »

Have a Look at Xenoblade's Battle System

2010-05-19 - Arts, Visions, and the Party Gauge detailed in our first proper look at combat in Wii's upcoming RPG epic.  Read More »


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