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The Big NieR News Was a Concert

2011-09-30 - Square Enix holding concert event in October.  Read More »

Square Enix's Festive Jump Festa Booth

2010-12-19 - Christmas trees and... Christmas NieR? Plus, what Square Enix titles were most popular?  Read More »

NieR Director Quits Cavia/AQi

2010-11-05 - Taro Yoko wants to expand breadth of work.  Read More »

Paid NieR Download Content Set for May

2010-05-07 - Stage and item download hitting both Gestalt and Replicant later this month.  Read More »

Media Create Sales Chart Updated

2010-04-30 - Where did the Xbox 360 version of NieR place? Which anime license was the bomba? Find out here!  Read More »

NieR Team Working on Download Content

2010-04-16 - Producer Yosuke Saito says download content in development and also shares a few trivia bits.  Read More »

One Soundtrack For Two NieRs

2010-03-09 - Gestalt and Remnant come together for the NieR Original Soundtrack.  Read More »

NieR Replicant Cast Announced

2010-02-18 - Xbox 360 owners have no need to read this article.  Read More »

Select Your Version of NieR at the Official Site

2009-12-21 - New official site shows differences between PS3 and Xbox 360 versions.  Read More »

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