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Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition


Tactics Ogre Tops the Charts

2010-11-18 - PSP remake sells nearly 200,000 units in first week. Wii sees Mario influenced sales surge.  Read More »

Super Mario Collection Tops Charts With 300,000

2010-10-28 - Pokemon Black & White finally pushed from the to spot amid a flood of new releases.  Read More »

Jill Valentine figure, will you marry me?

2010-05-07 - Hot Toys indeed! This new figure of RE5's Jill looks like the real thing!  Read More »

Capcom's Sales and Earnings Fall

2010-05-07 - Company expects rebound for following year due to major releases.  Read More »

Super Robot Wars Tops the Charts

2010-03-03 - Four titles, including Kenka Bancho 4, Hot Shots Tennis Portable and Shiren the Wanderer 4, fill top ten.  Read More »

PSP, PS3 Top the Hardware Charts

2010-02-26 - Resident Evil and Heavy Rain see high sell-through rate.  Read More »

Capcom Swaps Resident Evil 5 Costume Packs

2010-02-22 - Make sure you read this if you want to know when you'll get your Red Riding Hood Sheva.  Read More »

One Last Resident Evil Gold Edition Trailer

2010-02-18 - Plus, director Yasuhiro Anpo explains the fundamental concept for the new episodes.  Read More »

PS3's Big Spring Titles Have Big Hard Drive Installs

2010-02-12 - You'll have time for a long bathroom break before playing Yakuza 4 and Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition.  Read More »

So why does Resident Evil 5's Sheva have a Little Red Riding Hood costume?

2010-02-06 - Producer Yasuhiro Anpo reveals that Capcom's dev staffers may not be a bunch of dirty old men.  Read More »

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