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Keroro RPG: Knight, Warrior, and Legendary Pirate


Media Create Sales Chart Updated

2010-03-11 - Pokemon Ranger beats out .hack//Link for the top spot. Keroro RPG is this week's bomba.  Read More »

Keroro RPG Demo Hits Today

2010-02-24 - Sample the still rather unexpected pairing of Tales with Sgt. Frog.  Read More »

Keroro RPG Dated

2009-12-09 - Namco Bandai shares date and movie tie-up info for Tales-like RPG.  Read More »

Keroro RPG Teaser Site Opens

2009-11-12 - Holy crap! Namco Bandai is combining Tales with Sgt. Frog!  Read More »

First Look: Keroro RPG

2009-11-12 - Promotional video surfaces for unexpected pairing of Tales and Sgt. Frog.  Read More »

Keroro RPG Detailed

2009-11-11 - Namco Bandai attempts to cram Sgt. Frog into a Tales RPG.  Read More »

Tales of Keroro?

2009-11-11 - The identity of Namco Bandai's new RPG appears to have leaked out in advance. A new Tales game? Not exactly...  Read More »

Namco Bandai Counts Down to New RPG

2009-11-05 - A new DS Tales game? Project K to be fully announced in a week.  Read More »

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