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This Week's Video Game Gum Report

2011-05-09 - Love Plus and major online PC title get new candy products.  Read More »

Special Messages of Love From the Love Plus Girlfriends

2011-03-19 - Nene, Rinko and Manaka hold hands and offer support to quake victims.  Read More »

This Year's Konami Calendars

2010-11-01 - Love Plus, Metal Gear Solid and Tokimemo. Wait... one of those doesn't fit.  Read More »

Love Plus + iPhone + Rinko's Birthday = Creepy x Infinity

2010-08-18 - Augmented reality brings new possibilities to digital birthday celebrations.  Read More »

Love Plus Cosplay Done Right

2010-08-03 - This cosplayer accurately portrays Konami's girlfriend simulator.  Read More »

Love Plus Takes Potatoes at Annual Romance Awards

2010-06-15 - NRA recognizes Konami girlfriend simulator for contributions to romance.  Read More »

Your Ultimate Love Plus + Fantasies in Real Bonus Form

2010-06-08 - Manaka, Rinko and Nene are changing out of their gym shorts... just for you.  Read More »

You'll Love the Love Plus+ DSi LL Systems

2010-06-02 - Who needs Blue, Yellow and Green when you can have Manaka, Rinko and Nene?  Read More »

Love Plus+ Collaborates with a Hotel

2010-05-27 - Activities being planned at Atami onsen for those who bring their digital girlfriend with them.  Read More »

Love Plus + Slowly Justifying Need For Four Gigs

2010-05-13 - Plus, what does Konami's latest love sim have to do with Rumble Roses?  Read More »

Date Set For Love Plus+

2010-04-15 - Updated girlfriend simulator has a new "rest" mode.  Read More »

All About Love Plus+

2010-03-25 - Four gigs of love, hair cuts, and real time vacations for two.  Read More »

Check Your Wii For New Love Plus Info

2010-03-24 - Konami releases teaser video; more information coming later this week.  Read More »

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