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Nintendo 3DS

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Nintendo's successor system to the DS features 3D stereoscopic output and advanced wireless capabilities.


3DS Sees Best Week Yet Following Monster Hunter 3G Release

2011-12-13 - System tops 3 million mark in Japanese sales. Monster Hunter sells close to half million in first two days.  Read More »

3DS Sees Mario Kart Sales Surge

2011-12-07 - Highest post release hardware sales yet for system following major title's release.  Read More »

3DS Firmware Update Delayed to December 8

2011-11-29 - Promised update won't make it out this month as previously announced.  Read More »

Nintendo Sacrificing Profits for 3DS Expansion

2011-10-30 - CEO expects things to return to normal next year.  Read More »

3DS Price Drop Commercial

2011-08-07 - A very Nintendo-ish commercial for the new 3DS price.  Read More »

Used 3DS Sales Doubled Following Price Drop Announcement

2011-08-05 - Buyers pick up low priced used systems, possibly targeting free Virtual Console download deal.  Read More »

Nintendo expects 3DS price drop to lead to more varied audience

2011-08-01 - Majority of buyers currently young males, but company hopes this will change within four months.  Read More »

3DS Pricedrop Decision Came From GameCube Lessons

2011-08-01 - Nintendo execs believe they had a chance, but did not properly use it.  Read More »

New Mii Plaza Features Coming This Year

2011-08-01 - Nintendo also developing software that makes use of the Miis you've collected.  Read More »

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