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Nintendo 3DS

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Nintendo's successor system to the DS features 3D stereoscopic output and advanced wireless capabilities.


Paid Item Downloads Coming to 3DS and Wii U

2011-08-01 - Nintendo CEO says functionality will be available, but suggests that Nintendo will be selective in its own use.  Read More »

Used Game Shops Slash 3DS Hardware Prices

2011-07-31 - Shops complain about inability to adjust used stock due to sudden nature of announcement.  Read More »

Nintendo Incurring Loss on 3DS Hardware

2011-07-29 - Analyst says 40% of company's downward revision was due to hardware price cut.  Read More »

3DS Television Service Begins Tomorrow

2011-06-20 - Nintendo teams up with Fuji TV and Nippon TV for daily programming downloads.  Read More »

3DS e-Shop Update Set for June

2011-05-12 - e-Shop and web browser will miss May by just a bit.  Read More »

Paint Your 3DS Like Evangelion and Gundam.

2011-04-27 - Dezaegg begins pricey custom pain service for Nintendo's fledging system.  Read More »

Nintendo CEO Does Not Expect Recovery Until Fall

2011-04-26 - Excitement for new product like the 3DS has cooled, says Iwata. Company considers this a "restart."  Read More »

3DS Gets Its First Firmware Update

2011-03-02 - System updated with networking features and new 3D music video.  Read More »

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