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Oh by the way, Final Fantasy IX is now available on PSN

2010-05-20 - Square Enix finally opens an official site for download re-release.  Read More »

Date Set For PSN Final Fantasy IX

2010-05-06 - Final PlayStation numbered Final Fantasy hits in a couple of weeks.  Read More »

Final Fantasy IX Now Totally Completely Done

2010-05-06 - Release date being decided between Square Enix and Sony.  Read More »

Now Hashimoto is Tweeting About Dew Prism

2010-04-16 - Another Square Enix PlayStation classic could follow Final Fantasy IX.  Read More »

Final Fantasy IX Confirmed for PSN

2010-04-02 - Square Enix CEO delivers short video message confirming download release for PlayStation classic.  Read More »

Now the Final Fantasy IX Teases are Multi Lingual

2010-03-31 - "2 more days till the greenlight of FF9 on PSN in Japan," writes producer.  Read More »

Final Fantasy IX PSN Details Coming By Friday

2010-03-29 - Square Enix producer brings up Game Archives release of RPG classic at Square Enix board meeting.  Read More »

Final Fantasy IX's PSN Release is Being Discussed Here

2010-03-29 - Square Enix's Shinji Hashimoto is nervous, but not too nervous to Tweet a look at the board room.  Read More »

Strong Hints For Final Fantasy IX PSN Release

2010-03-27 - Producer promises to bring it up at the next board meeting. Plus, more from the Versus XIII staff.  Read More »

Final Fantasy IX

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