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My Wife: Your Very Own Bride


My Wife is Cheap

2010-12-13 - So's Vanquish, oh vile, wretched game buying public.  Read More »

Weekly Rankings: Super Hardcore Edition

2010-11-23 - Find out what's big in imports and PC gaming amongst the Messe Sanoh crowd.  Read More »

Holy Crap My Wife Is Due Tomorrow!

2010-10-27 - Err... the Idea Factory wife simulator, that is.  Read More »

My Wife is Late

2010-07-23 - Idea Factory's wife simulator may slip to Fall.  Read More »

Here's How That Xbox 360 Game Involving Spouses Begins

2010-06-11 - The opening movie, complete with the ridiculous opening theme song.  Read More »

This is the kind of nonsense you can expect from My Wife

2010-06-08 - Idea Factory's wife sim has changeable personalities and shower scenes.  Read More »

High Res Pics of My Wife

2010-06-07 - See her in a bathing suit. See her in bed. See her in the shower, after you wed.  Read More »

My Wife Comes With Naughty Pictures of Your Wives

2010-05-21 - Bonus items, sample CG and theme song info for Idea Factory's Xbox 360 wife sim.  Read More »

Meet My Wife

2010-04-28 - Idea Factory has a new type of love sim on the way for lonely Xbox 360 owners.  Read More »

This Week's Slightly Early Flying Get

2010-04-27 - New Square Enix yoge! New Atelier Totori characters! Shinji Mikami warming up to PS3?  Read More »

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