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Neo Geo Heroes Ultimate Shooting

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Neo Geo Heroes Gets Download Release

2010-07-16 - Get the PSP crossover shooter for less, if you don't want the sweet box and bonus goods.  Read More »

Neo Geo Heroes Promo Video Hits

2010-05-11 - Check out the PSP shooter in motion and get the latest from the official site.  Read More »

Date Set for Neo Geo Heroes

2010-05-11 - Ultimate shooting hits PSP in late July, complete with a soundtrack bonus.  Read More »

SNK Playmore Brings Neo Geo Themed Shooter to PSP

2010-04-27 - Step aside, KOF Sky Stage. The ultimate Neo Geo shooting festival hits PSP this summer.  Read More »

This Week's Slightly Early Flying Get

2010-04-27 - New Square Enix yoge! New Atelier Totori characters! Shinji Mikami warming up to PS3?  Read More »

Neo Geo Heroes Ultimate Shooting
ネオジオヒーローズ ~アルティメット シューティング~
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