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El Shaddai: The Prototype

2011-05-02 - This is what El Shaddai looked like four years ago when it was "Angelic: Ascension of the Metatron."  Read More »

"Olympic Level" Download Count for El Shaddai

2011-04-19 - Character designer Sawaki Takeyasu signs jeans to celebrate.  Read More »

Wear These El Shaddai Jeans to the El Shaddai Cafe

2011-04-15 - Ignition and Edwin releasing collaborative jeans based off upcoming multiplatform phenomenon.  Read More »

2011-04-15  -  22 images added, Open image gallery

2011-04-14  -  5 images added, Open image gallery

El Shaddai Release Date Set

2011-01-12 - The adventures of Enoch and Lucifer kick off in April.  Read More »

El Shaddai
El Shaddai

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