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PlayStation Vita Gets Malicious

2011-08-23 - Critically acclaimed downloadable PlayStation 3 title going portable.  Read More »

Malicious Gets an Update

2011-01-18 - Major update adds easy mode, control adjustments, story viewer and more.  Read More »

Clothing Damage: Malicious Style

2010-10-29 - Plus, team Malicious speaks about their downloadable PlayStation 3 creation.  Read More »

Malicious Has No Power Gauges

2010-10-23 - Alvion shows damage in a unique way: by making your body disappear.  Read More »

Malicious Screenshots

2010-10-21 - Our first full resolution look at Alvion's downloadable PS3 action title.  Read More »

Malicious: Trailer 3

2010-10-19 - A bit of story before the downloadable carnage begins.  Read More »

Malicious Arrives Next Week

2010-10-18 - Finally, a release date for Alvion's eye catching downloadable PlayStation 3 action title.  Read More »

Meet Your Malicious Female Protagonist

2010-10-15 - Plus, the latest gameplay details for Avlion's packed PS3 action title.  Read More »

Malicious: First Trailer and High Res Screens

2010-08-31 - Find out what Alvion's download-only PlayStation 3 action title is all about.  Read More »

Suck Up Boss Skills in PS3's Malicious

2010-08-30 - Get a first real look at Alvion's new downloadable PS3 action game.  Read More »

First Details: PS3's Malicious

2010-08-19 - Make use of a transforming cloak in Alvion's new downloadable 3D action game.  Read More »

Malicious: A New Downloadable Action Game for PS3

2010-06-11 - Another hour, another teaser site. But at least this one has screenshots!  Read More »


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