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3DS Samurai Warriors Gets a Sequel

2012-05-23 - New generals and modes for sequel to launch title.  Read More »

2011-05-30  -  4 images added, Open image gallery

2011-05-16  -  4 images added, Open image gallery

2011-04-04  -  6 images added, Open image gallery

Let's Explore 3DS Software Sales

2011-03-04 - Which did better out the gate, the DS or the 3DS? You won't find the answer here!  Read More »

3DS Launch Title Functionality Check

2011-02-24 - Which games use the system's features? Famitsu explores!  Read More »

Samurai Warriors Chronicle Wireless Modes Detailed

2011-02-18 - Launch title to support Spot Pass and Street Pass. Plus, the latest on character growth.  Read More »

Samurai Warriors Chronicle
Sengoku Musou Chronicle

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