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Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded

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Square Enix's Festive Jump Festa Booth

2010-12-19 - Christmas trees and... Christmas NieR? Plus, what Square Enix titles were most popular?  Read More »

Four Kingdom Hearts Soundtracks in One

2010-12-02 - Upcoming soundtrack includes music from recent and upcoming KH games.  Read More »

These Were the Top Games of October

2010-11-09 - In its second month of release, Pokemon outsells its nearest competitor two to one.  Read More »

Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded Has a "Secret Talk"

2010-10-04 - No "secret movie" or "secret event" scene this time, but another form of secret.  Read More »

Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded Update

2010-09-25 - Square Enix packs this latest KH game with Tag Mode, command synthesis and more!  Read More »

Kingdom Hearts 3D is Next -- Tetsuya Nomura

2010-09-21 - Producer outlines upcoming Kingdom Hearts series plans in Famitsu interview.  Read More »

Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded Screens

2010-09-16 - Get a glimpse at those cute little KH avatars in the DS remake of Coded.  Read More »

Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded Screenshots

2010-09-02 - Get your first look at Cloud in the Olympic Coliseum stage.  Read More »

Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded
キングダム ハーツ Re:コーデッド

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