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Yasumi Matsuno

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How Yasumi Matsuno Ended Up at Level-5

2011-06-29 - Tactics Ogre and Final Fantasy XII creator being given freedom at new gig.  Read More »

Yasumi Matsuno Reportedly Joins Level-5

2011-06-29 - Maker of Tactics Ogre, Vagrant Story and Final Fantasy XII working with Professor Layton studio.  Read More »

Yasumi Matsuno Gets His Tactics Ogre On

2010-10-18 - The man behind the franchise tries out the new PSP version direct off UMD.  Read More »

Team Tactics Ogre Details PSP Remake

2010-07-22 - Minagawa and Matsuno discuss what's changed in the 15 years since the Super Famicom original.  Read More »

Yasumi Matsuno
まつの やすみ

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