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Nippon Ichi Hints at Four New Games

2011-08-09 - New titles from the Disgaea, Prinny and Classic Dungeon teams.  Read More »

Weekly Rankings: Super Hardcore Edition

2010-11-23 - Find out what's big in imports and PC gaming amongst the Messe Sanoh crowd.  Read More »

This Week's Flying Get: F Style

2010-11-10 - 5pb's new fighting game revealed. The latest magazine leaks.  Read More »

This Week's Flying Get: D Style

2010-11-09 - Disgaea 4 details, new Falcom game, and a first score for Criminal Girls.  Read More »

Criminal Girls Retail Bonus Items Will Get You Arrested

2010-10-28 - The girls won't be the only criminals if you travel into international waters with these.  Read More »

The Merits Of Punishment in Criminal Girls

2010-10-21 - Nippon Ichi shares specifics on the punishment component of its new PSP RPG.  Read More »

Criminal Girls: First Look at the New Girls

2010-09-09 - Plus, a closer look at the punishment system through some screens that you probably shouldn't show to mom.  Read More »

This Week's Electric Shock Flying Get (update 13:00)

2010-09-07 - New Criminal Girls details. FFXIII possibly coming to Xbox 360. The latest magazine leaks.  Read More »

Criminal Girls: Nippon Ichi Aims For 50,000 Spankings

2010-09-05 - Promotional materials reveal comic plans, target audience an a few surprise gameplay bits.  Read More »

Criminal Girls Screens

2010-08-10 - Sprite art so cute you'll want to pinch its cheeks and maybe even spank it.  Read More »

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