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This Week's Super Hardcore Rankings

2010-11-30 - The only place where two Idea Factory adventure games and a Cave shooter will beat Gran Turismo 5.  Read More »

Xbox 360 DoDonPachi Resurrection First Trailer

2010-09-03 - The next big thing in bullet hell from Cave hits Xbox 360 in November.  Read More »

Cave Festival Report

2010-08-18 - The masters of the shmup bring out their finest for an Akihabara fan event.  Read More »

DoDonPachi Resurrection: Xbox 360 vs Arcade

2010-08-17 - Cave bringing latest shooter home with big visual improvements.  Read More »

Cave Festival: Blog of Semi Liveness

2010-08-14 - The latest shooting game developments, straight from Akihabara.  Read More »

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