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A fusion of adult-themed adventure with puzzle gameplay from the makers of Persona.


Vincent's Nightmare at the Catherine Official Site

2010-12-14 - Get a look at some gameplay details that you might have already read about last week.  Read More »

Catherine: Meet The Sheep

2010-11-16 - Two types of sheep at the official site this week. Plus, a look at the game's e-mail system.  Read More »

Naughty Catherine Poster: Mega Size

2010-10-06 - So not safe for work it's not even funny. No wait, it totally is. Ha ha ha ha ha.  Read More »

Catherine Official Site Opens

2010-08-23 - Lots of sexy artwork of heroine Catherine. Plus, check out the trailer in HD.  Read More »

Icons by Glyphicons. Used under CC-BY license.