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Tokyo Jungle Is Now a Manga

2012-07-17 - First installment of Little Lion Heart appears in Champion Red this month.  Read More »

Peking Man Appears in Tokyo Jungle

2012-07-12 - Reintroduce man's ancient ancestor to the world for a mere 200 yen.  Read More »

Tokyo Jungle Tops 200,000; Sony Aims for 210,000!

2012-07-04 - New commercial airing in Shibuya and other hot spots.  Read More »

High Sell Through For Tokyo Jungle

2012-06-15 - Gundam, and promise of Persona 4 The Golden, pushes Vita hardware sales.  Read More »

Lollipop Chainsaw X Tokyo Jungle

2012-06-09 - Suda 51 plays Tokyo Jungle. Tokyo Jungle's developers play Suda 51... err, Lollipop Chainsaw.  Read More »

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