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Animal Resort Has Extinct Animals

2011-05-17 - Add Dodos, Mammoths and Quaggas to your collection in 3DS zoo sim.  Read More »

Pandas and Koala Bears Yeah!

2011-05-06 - The latest animal shots from Animal Resort. Plus, win a trip to the zoo!  Read More »

3DS Animal Resort Gets a Final Name

2011-01-21 - Collect animal points by using the 3DS's gyro sensors to take pics of your animals.  Read More »

Animal Resort Screenshots

2011-01-04 - MMV brings its 3DS debut title to Nintendo World later this week in video form.  Read More »

Rune Factory Oceans Originally Planned Exclusively for Wii

2010-11-19 - Marvelous discusses multiplatform strategy, 3DS development costs and more in investors Q&A.  Read More »

3DS Animal Resort Update

2010-10-15 - MMV's debut title looks like it could be a robust simulation.  Read More »

Marvelous Brings Animal Resort to 3DS

2010-09-29 - Publisher's first 3D title has similar premise to Harvest Moon.  Read More »

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