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3DS, Wii Topped the Charts in July

2011-08-09 - Rhythm Heaven beats other newcomers for the monthly top spot.  Read More »

3DS Tales of the Abyss Tops the Charts

2011-07-07 - Major RPG port pushes 3DS back into the top hardware spot.  Read More »

This Week's Famitsu Reviews

2011-06-22 - Tales of the Abyss, Golden Eye 007, and ToHeart 2 Dungeon Travelers reviewed this week.  Read More »

Tales of the Abyss Screenshots

2011-06-09 - The 3DS remake of the PS2 hit is due out in June.  Read More »

Tales of the Abyss Screenshots

2011-05-26 - The 3DS version of the PS2 mothership title arrives on June 30. These screens show special attacks, cut-ins, casino, labyrinth and Tales of Dragon Buster elements.  Read More »

Tales of the Abyss Screenshots

2011-04-28 - Our latest look at the 3DS version, along with the pre-order bonus drama CD.  Read More »

Tales of the Abyss Screenshots

2011-03-17 - Check out the new 3DS interface in these screenshots.  Read More »

Lots of Tales of the Abyss 3DS Screens

2011-02-17 - Namco Bandai takes the full veil of the 3DS version of the classic PS2 Tales game.  Read More »

A Few New Things for Tales of the Abyss 3DS

2011-02-02 - Namco Bandai is bringing a PS2 Tales series title to Nintendo's new hardware.  Read More »

Namco Bandai Readying Ace Combat, Famisuta and Ridge Racer For 3DS

2010-09-30 - Publisher shares screens and details for five games at Nintendo press conference.  Read More »

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