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Kenka Bancho 5 Otoko no Rule


Spike Games For Cheap this Summer

2011-07-20 - Stock up on your Kenka Banchos and Way of the Samurais.  Read More »

The Last Story Tops the Charts with 115,000 Sales

2011-02-03 - Wii RPG from Final Fantasy creator beats Valkyria Chronicles 3 and My Little Sister.  Read More »

Kenka Bancho 5 Collaborates with Jeans Mate

2010-12-03 - Visit in-game Jeans Mate shop to buy Jeans Mate brand clothing for your character.  Read More »

Kenka Bancho 5 Has Gyoza Tieups

2010-11-12 - Spike teams with Chinese restaurant chain Gyoza no Osho for realistic gyoza storefronts.  Read More »

Kenka Bancho 5 Update

2010-10-13 - Meet Naoto's chums and get a look at the world in the biggest Kenka Bancho ever.  Read More »

First Look: Kenka Bancho 5

2010-10-07 - Spike brings the latest entry in its street brawling series to the PSP.  Read More »

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