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Social Shenmue Is Dead

2012-01-03 - Service on Shenmue World ends one year after start.  Read More »

Week In Review

2010-11-22 - Kinect's launch, Shenmue's (possible) revival, The Last Story gets some hype, and tell us more about PS3's FFXIV!  Read More »

Yu Suzuki Hopes Shenmue City Leads to Future Developments For Series

2010-11-16 - Creator discusses story framework and Mafia Wars influences in interview.  Read More »

Yu Suzuki Discusses Shenmue's Story

2010-11-16 - Creator wants to tell full Shenmue saga at some point.  Read More »

Shenmue City Unveiling Live Blog

2010-11-15 - Yu Suzuki and Segata Sanshiro will take the stage at Tokyo press conference for new social Shenmue.  Read More »

Shenmue City Sees Full Unveiling Next Week

2010-11-12 - Yu Suzuki and Segata Sanshiro to take the stage at press conference.  Read More »

Shenmue City -- First Gameplay Details

2010-11-05 - A few of the things you can do in Yu Suzuki's social Shenmue.  Read More »

Yu Suzuki Speaks

2010-11-02 - Get all the current details on Ys Net, the new studio from the creator of Shenmue.  Read More »

First Shenmue City Details Emerge

2010-11-01 - Spinoff being developed by Ys Net, supervised by Sega and released through... Sunsoft?  Read More »

Shenmue Sound Creator Responds to Shenmue City Announcement

2010-10-10 - Osamu Murata does not believe new game represents true intentions of creator Yu Suzuki.  Read More »

Shenmue Goes Social on Yahoo's New PC Service

2010-10-07 - First new entry in series in eight years, Yahoo and DeNA say in announcement.  Read More »

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