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Kingdom Hearts Tops the Charts

2011-01-27 - Monster Hunter takes second place in slow sales week.  Read More »

Try Out Love Zombie in Advance

2010-12-22 - An actual downloadable demo, not one of those web flash things.  Read More »

Love Zombie's Adorable Commercial

2010-12-11 - This is what a zombie attack on Japan would actually look like.   Read More »

Chunsoft Taps S Mileage For Zombie Game Promotions

2010-12-08 - Members of all girl band pose like zombies for Love Zombie.  Read More »

Love Zombie First Trailer

2010-11-12 - In addition to the zombies, you'll love the retro chip tunes!  Read More »

Love Zombie Screenshots

2010-10-25 - Get your first look at Chunsoft's zombie strategy title.  Read More »

Chunsoft's Zombie Game Revealed

2010-10-21 - Love Zombies? You will after seeing this adorable DS game!  Read More »

This Week's Flying Get

2010-10-20 - More details on Level-5's 3DS lineup, coverage of The Last Story, and more in this week's early magazine leaks.  Read More »

Love Zombie
Zombie Daisuki

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