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Imageepoch CEO's Most Influential RPG Was...

2011-05-03 - RPG powerhouse CEO Ryoei Mikage talks about influences and sales targets in recent interview.  Read More »

Final Promise Story Screenshots

2011-04-28 - Imageepoch makes its publishing debut on PSP today with this original RPG. Check out the latest screens.  Read More »

The Final Promise Story Opening Movie

2011-04-23 - Imageepoch goes with anime, rock and (partial) English lyrics for its first self-published RPG.  Read More »

Imageepoch Has Ten More Games in Development

2011-04-19 - Studio's first self-published JRPG, Final Promise Story, hits next week. Get the latest from CEO Ryoei Mikage.  Read More »

Portion of Final Promise Story Sales Goes to Charity

2011-03-19 - Plus, the latest character screens and details for Imageepoch's PSP RPG.  Read More »

Final Promise Story Has 400 Hours of Gameplay

2011-01-24 - Imageepoch CEO enduring marathon debug sessions for PSP RPG.  Read More »

Final Promise Story: Story and Gameplay Details

2010-11-29 - Imageepoch introduces us to its first self-published JRPG.  Read More »

Imageepoch Announces New RPGs

2010-11-24 - Developer of Luminous Arc and 7th Dragon makes the move into publishing through some high profile projects.  Read More »

Imageepoch Press Conference Live Blog

2010-11-24 - The JRPG specialists plan to take the genre to the next stage. Click for live coverage straight from the event.  Read More »

This Week's Epoch Flying Get: SDF Style

2010-11-24 - New details on The 3rd Birthday! Plus, Monster Hunter Portable 3rd meets Conan?  Read More »

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