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Photo Girlfriend VS Love Plus in February Love Showdown

2011-11-29 - PSP love sim gets a new date a couple of weeks ahead of 3DS love sim.  Read More »

Photo Girlfriend Delay Official

2011-09-07 - You won't get to take pics of your schoolgirl girlfriend later this month... but who knows what the future holds!  Read More »

Photo Girlfriend: Little Sister Rabbit Power

2011-06-24 - Kadokawa's girlfriend stalking sim just got weird.  Read More »

Photo Girlfriend: First Trailer

2011-05-02 - Kadokawa shares a six minute trailer for its new PSP photo themed love sim.  Read More »

Photo Girlfriend Beaten to Market By Free Male Knockoff

2011-04-23 - You'll have to wait until summer for the PSP title, but you can take digital pics of your pretend boyfriend on GREE next week!  Read More »

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