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3DS, Wii Topped the Charts in July

2011-08-09 - Rhythm Heaven beats other newcomers for the monthly top spot.  Read More »

3DS Sales Fall Following Pricedrop Announcement

2011-08-04 - Queen's Gate and Devil Survivor 2 can't push Rhythm Heaven from the top spot.  Read More »

Queen's Gate Spiral Chaos Screenshots

2011-07-14 - Samurai Showdown's Cham Cham, original characters returning from Queen's Blade, intermission interface, and more.  Read More »

Queen's Gate Spiral Chaos Screenshots

2011-06-16 - Original character Alyutta, and Jubei Yagyu from Hyakka Ryoran Samurai Girls. Plus, packaging shots.  Read More »

Samurai Shodown's Iroha in Queen's Gate Spiral Chaos

2011-05-26 - The latest character reveals for Bandai Namco's... uhh, I think it's a strategy game?  Read More »

Queen's Gate: Noel Vermilion and the Panic Screen

2011-05-19 - What to do when mom comes in while you're blasting your enemy with mysterious fluid from a different dimension.  Read More »

Your Queen's Gate Figma Figure

2011-02-23 - This website is no longer safe for work. The whole damn webiste.  Read More »

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