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Final Fantasy XIII-2

This direct sequel to the original FFXIII features Serah and newcomer Noel and adds time travel, monster raising, Moogle tossing and other new elements to the mix.


Toriyama and Kitase Discuss Final Fantasy XIII-2

2011-06-14 - More on monsters, music and main characters. Plus, what does Kitase have to say about remastering PSP titles?  Read More »

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Team Interviewed

2011-06-09 - Toriyama and Kitase discuss multiple endings, new gameplay systems, and fighting along side monsters.  Read More »

Hey Mr. Tetsuya Nomura, Whatchu Up To?

2011-02-01 - Square Enix's zipper chief is doing more than just Kingdom Hearts and Versus XIII.  Read More »

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