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Instant Brain

The first visual novel/adventure game from Makoto Asada, who's known for his shoot-em-ups.


Cave Development Head Hints at Multiplatform Support

2011-12-28 - Makoto Asada critical of Microsoft's first party Japanese output.  Read More »

Instant Brain Has the Creepiest Bug Ever

2011-11-18 - Old man takes over the screen in Cave's new adventure game.  Read More »

Instant Brain Screenshots

2011-11-04 - Our latest look at Makoto Asada's Kinect-ready adventure game.  Read More »

Instant Brain Demo Coming in September

2011-08-01 - You'll need to get a copy of Famitsu Xbox 360 or Gemaga to get the demo.  Read More »

Instant Brain Set for November 10

2011-07-29 - Gemaga reveals the release date for Xbox 360 adventure game from shooting masters at Cave.  Read More »

Instant Brain Release Date Coming Soon

2011-07-28 - Cave development head Makoto Asada promises a couple of announcements.  Read More »

Instant Brain Screenshots

2011-05-03 - Our first in-game look at the first adventure game from Cave shoot-em-up master Makoto Asada.  Read More »

Cave Event Videos

2011-02-19 - Have a look at Akai Katana Shin, Instant Brain, and Nin Nin Jump  Read More »

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