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Akihabara Vampire Hunting Game Tops the Charts

2011-05-26 - Akiba's Trip finally manages to push Dragon Quest from the top. PSP remains in top in hardware.  Read More »

Gungnir Screenshots

2011-05-19 - Sting's new strategy title is available today. Take a look at the latest screens.  Read More »

Gungnir Screenshots

2011-05-14 - The latest in strategy from Sting and the folks behind Yggdra Union.  Read More »

Gungnir Getting Download Release

2011-04-25 - Latest from the official Q&A for Sting's new strategy title.  Read More »

Gungnir Battle System and Character Update

2011-03-24 - The latest on the new PSP strategy title from the folks behind Yggdra Union.  Read More »

Gungnir Opening Video

2011-03-05 - Check out the animated opening clip for the next game from Team Yggdra.  Read More »

A Few Bits About Gungnir

2011-02-28 - Retailer details some of the gameplay systems from Sting's latest strategy title.  Read More »

Gungnir Teaser Site Opens

2011-02-24 - Get a sampling of the game's soundtrack. Plus, staff details and some first screens!  Read More »

Team Yggdra Union Unveils New Strategy Title Gungnir

2011-02-23 - PSP title set for May release. First story and preliminary gameplay details here.  Read More »

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