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Resident Evil Revival Selection Trailer

2011-06-30 - See how the visuals have improved for the HD versions of RE4 and Code: Veronica.  Read More »

Your Resident Evil Revival Selection Packaging

2011-06-23 - Add more Resident Evil to your shelf by picking up the retail-only Japanese version.  Read More »

Resident Evil Revival Selection Due in September

2011-06-22 - Capcom including digital version of Resident Evil Archives books as bonus.  Read More »

Capcom Collaborates With EA For Resident Evil

2011-05-12 - Shoot zombies in a recreation of the S.T.A.R.S. office, and enjoy a Three Herb Cocktail beverage after!  Read More »

Famitsu Bits and Bytes

2011-04-27 - Hatsune Miku, Cave's vacation, Two Chaos Rings games, and more!  Read More »

More Resident Evil Comparison Shots

2011-03-25 - Capcom giving overseas download release to Revival Selection  Read More »

Here's What's Known About Resident Evil Revival Selection

2011-03-23 - Code Veronica and RE4 are definitely on their way for PS3 and Xbox 360.  Read More »

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