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Pandora's Tower: Celebrity Play Session 2

2011-05-26 - Over fourteen minutes of gameplay from Wii's new action-adventure title.  Read More »

Pandora's Tower: Play Video and Commercials

2011-05-20 - Watch comedy duo Waraimeshi play the Wii action title for eight minutes. Lots of gameplay footage!  Read More »

Pandora's Tower Has Love Sim Elements

2011-05-18 - Give gifts to Ceres. Do it quickly before she turns into a beast!  Read More »

The Towers of Pandora's Tower

2011-05-12 - Plus, a look at your base of operations and the game's item system.  Read More »

Four Minutes of Pandora's Tower

2011-05-01 - Lengthy (camera-grabbed) retailer promotional video gives us our best look yet at Nintendo's original Wii action title.  Read More »

Pandora's Tower Videos

2011-04-28 - See the chain and weapon mechanics of NIntendo and Ganvarion's Wii action title.  Read More »

The Weapons of Pandora's Tower

2011-04-28 - Use your chain and sub weapons to navigate the tower and collect that beast flesh!  Read More »

Pandora's Tower Gameplay Details

2011-04-21 - Nintendo's shares some preliminary details on how you'll play this new Wii action RPG.  Read More »

Pandora's Tower: The Second Trailer

2011-04-20 - Now with chanting, speedy gameplay, and feasts of raw beast hearts.  Read More »

Pandora's Tower -- Second Hand Impressions

2011-04-18 - It's very possible that someone died (or was cursed to eat raw beast meat) to deliver these early impressions of Nintendo's new Wii action RPG.  Read More »

Pandora's Tower -- Larger Screenshots

2011-04-18 - A few larger shots from Nintendo and Ganbarion's new Wii action RPG.  Read More »

2011-04-18  -  5 images added, Open image gallery

The Big (???) Pandora's Tower Final Fantasy Versus Controversy

2011-04-15 - The best box art this generation may have a dark side completely unrelated to its black case.  Read More »

Pandora's Tower Screenshots

2011-04-14 - Have a look at Nintendo and Ganbarion's new Wii action RPG.  Read More »

2011-04-14  -  12 images added, Open image gallery

Pandora's Tower Supports Classic Controller and Motion Controls

2011-04-13 - Swing your chain with the Wiimote, or just use buttons! The latest on Nintendo's new Wii action RPG.  Read More »

Celebrate May 26: Ganbarion Day

2011-04-07 - One developer. One city. One day. Two games. (Reader: Do they actually pay you to write this stuff? Me: No!)  Read More »

Pandora's Tower Background Story

2011-04-06 - Find out how Ceres gets cursed in Nintendo's new Wii action RPG.  Read More »

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F1166 Wii「パンドラの塔 君のもとへ帰るまで」 ( Sokuho @ Houkanko Alt )

Pandora's Tower: Nintendo's New Action RPG

2011-04-06 - Use your chain to rid the heroine of a curse in this original title from One Piece developer Ganbarion.  Read More »

Pandora's Tower
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