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Senran Kagura Anime First Trailer

2012-08-11 - Footage of busty erotic ninja action anime based off 3DS game debuts at Comiket.  Read More »

Senran Kagura After School Comic Hits Today

2011-12-15 - Note: do not actually read this within the vicinity of a school.  Read More »

Senran Kagura Flying Get Jiggle Videos

2011-09-20 - The erotic ninja girls get all shook up in this footage from the final retail build.  Read More »

Senran Kagura Novel: Day Two

2011-09-02 - Plus, the latest original illustration from Yaegashi.  Read More »

Famous Voice Actresses Play Senran Kagura

2011-09-02 - The busty ninja girls, controlled the the equally busty girls who voice them.  Read More »

A Look at Senran Kagura's Costumes

2011-08-26 - Over 180 costumes await in this year's most erotic 3D ninja action title.  Read More »

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